Best Grinder for Sharpening Lathe Tools

Best Grinder for Sharpening Lathe Tools

If you enjoy woodwork and own many tools, then you must know the usefulness of a grinder. A grinder can be used for many different things. It can be used for grinding, shaping, and sharpening. It all depends on the shape and wheels of the grinder. The wheels and shape of the grinder determine what kind of function the grinder will be performing.

How to Choose a Grinder

To get the best performance, you must know what type of grinder you need. When you know the type of work you need from the grinder, you can start looking for the most suitable one. Modern bench grinders often have two wheels on either end of the tool body. Each disc consists of different abrasives. These abrasives clean, polish, and sharpen chisels, turning tools, and planning knives. A quality bench grinder has adjustable speed settings. This function can adjust the revolutions per minute to match the wheel’s speed. It would be best not to exceed the wheel’s speed, as it can explode and destroy the wheel and grinder. In addition, they are injured or killed by fragments of broken wheels.

Before you choose a grinder, you must know what characteristics it should and should not have. Here are some of the characteristics that it should have;

  • Accessible Switch
  • Substantial guards around the wheels
  • Flaps above the wheels
  • The good mounting arrangement of the guards
  • Should have metal spark guards
  • Powerful motor
  • Proper width of wheels
  • Easy to change wheels

A good bench grinder should have an easily accessible, dust-tight on-and-off switch, a sturdy guard around the wheel, and a clear flap over the wheel. The best way to install these guards is to thread a few screws through the clear plastic top. You can easily replace them with offcuts from your double-glazed supplier, preferably strong polycarbonate. If the flap is dirty, consider raising it to see better what is unsafe. You also need a metal spark arrestor that can be adjusted to close the opening above each wheel as the wheels wear. A 300-watt motor is powerful enough, but some mill motors are designed for something other than continuous use. This should only be a concern if you plan to do much sanding, but if possible, choose a machine with a more reliable constant load motor. The next thing is to measure the width of the wheels. Some cheap grinders have only sixteen-millimeter-wide wheels. If you try installing a wider wheel, it may not fit because the threads on the motor shaft need longer. Wheels must be easily replaceable. Make sure there is enough room inside the fender if you install a wider wheel. Flanges are large washers that clamp each side of the wheel. Ideally, these should be milled from solid metal, not pressed. This makes it easier to assemble a precise wheel.

Best Grinders on Amazon

The best grinder that can help sharpen your lathe tools can be found on Amazon. Some of the best grinders on Amazon are;

Jet’s 557102 JBG-8A

This is one of the best grinders for sharpening your tools. The wheels of this grinder are eight inches, and the spindle size is 5/8 inches.


This grinder uses strong materials to ensure durability and rigidity while working. This includes housings, tables, and shields. These qualities make a great whetstone the best bench grinder for sharpening chisels that can benefit from this professional bench tool. The other great bench grinder for sharpening chisels Features include grindstone and spark guard. The high-carbon steel used in most chisels wears down the abrasive grains and creates sparks when sharpened. This accessory accommodates the volume created by the eight-inch wheels, keeps dirt out, and protects you and your business.

Pros and Cons

Jet designed their grinders to last. The durable materials and solidly constructed design should last a lifetime with proper care. You will receive a larger spark arrestor plate than the. The shield covers a wider path and protects you from sparks from big wheels and sparks from wheel edges. Dust vents are well placed in the fenders. Bottom-placed vents require less suction than top-placed vents.

The price is higher than other bench grinders. Cost can be an issue for first-time buyers and those on a tight budget. This grinder does not have a work light built into the housing. You would expect such extras for the price you pay for them.

Bucktool DS-200C4HL

This next one is also an eight inches grinder. With two power options, you’ll have confidence in a wider variety of wheels, especially cooler running designs like cubic boron nitride that provides the sharpest edge to your bits.


Power tools that rank as the best grinders for sharpening rotary tools should be able to set the table to the correct sharpening angle. The table can be adjusted from zero to five degrees concerning the wheel. This gives the correct bevel for most woodworking tools. The grinder, ideal for sharpening rotary tools, uses a low-speed induction motor. It powers the heavier wheels while providing consistent speed. The base reduces the workbench’s footprint, and the mounting holes keep it firmly in place after installation.

Pros and Cons

This product works at two different speeds. Low speed is good for use on many bikes. The wide half-inch wheel guards work well with the wheel design. This great feature covers a wide range of grinding wheels for lathe tools. The safety switch covers the on-and-off switch. The key makes the grinder unusable without it.

The spark shield is chilled during shipping. The spark guard on the magnifier has a matte surface on almost half of its surface. Rubberized foot pads provide very little vibration isolation. They can reduce vibration at the table but not between the wheel and the table.

Oneway Wolverine Grinding Jig

This grinder can save you time if you are new to woodworking or grinders. If you’re a serious woodworking enthusiast or rabbit expert, you’ll appreciate the precision and versatility of the Wolverine grinder.


Wolverine offers two bases, making it ideal for sharpening wood-turning tools. A more traditional base allows you to sharpen small chisels and planes. Also included is a long jig that holds the base of the chisel while sharpening the blade. The fixture can extend up to twenty-seven inches. This allows you to sharpen longer lathe tools. It also adjusts to being used for items with short handles. The V-shaped base encases the chisel and prevents it from twisting when sharpening rotary tools. This feature allows you to get flat surfaces quickly and easily. It also locks in place, so the chisel doesn’t slip out while you work.

Pros and Cons

Oneway offers two locations with this purchase. This means you have a standard table and an extended tool rest at your disposal. The V-arm is twenty-seven inches long. This provides the required length for long handles on turning tools. Experienced woodworkers only need this equipment sometimes. If you’ve spent years sharpening with a grinder, you probably don’t need an alignment jig.

DeWalt DW756

The next option is the DeWalt DW756. This is another great grinder for your tools. DeWalt’s DW756 is a durable design made from quality components. It keeps tools sharp and can be used for other grinding and polishing applications.


The DW756’s table is just one feature that makes it the best bench grinder under hundred dollars. These surfaces are precision machined and wrapped around the wheel for added stability at angles other than the front. This extra table space is useful for many high-performance applications beyond tool maintenance. The DW756’s cast iron base and body aren’t just about durability. Helps reduce vibration. Not as noisy as grinders that use cast aluminum for these components. New users will appreciate how easy this grinder is to set up and use. The buttons are conveniently placed and easy to operate. This is another reason it is the best tabletop grinder in this price range.

Pros and Cons

The Spark Shield is large and transparent. This provides good protection and good visibility of the cutting-edge tool. It has a high speed. This speed helps remove material quickly, especially with the right abrasive. This product comes with excellent customer support. DeWalt offers a 90-day money-back guarantee, one-year free service, and a three-year limited warranty. DeWalt also has many service centers throughout North America.

These are some of the best grinders that you can find. The good news is that all of these are available on Amazon. So you can order one today and get started on your woodwork! 

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