How To Sharpen A Machete With A File?

Machete Weapon

It is a sharp weapon similar to an ax but it has a longer blade. It is used in agricultural activities. First made and sold in 1845. It became very famous because of the high-quality precision and sharp blades but later they were made in the 1950s when the quality declined and so is its sale. Columbia is the largest importer of cane knives around the world. Their toughness and strength are very important as they have to undergo a high force of impact. For this, they are made with medium to high carbon spring steals which are better and higher in quality whereas stainless steel should be avoided as it has a high carbon ratio that cannot withstand greater impact and forces.

Size And Shape

It has 2 parts. The 1st one is a broad flattened blade. While the 2nd part is its handle made of wood. A wooden handle results in better grip and does not slip in case of sweat. Its average is size almost 18 to 22 cm in length with a thickness of 3 mm. The length of its handle is almost half the size of the blade.

Purpose Of Use

It is used as a sharp knife in agricultural activities and also used by soldiers in wars. It is also used to carve wood. It is used as a weapon of self-defense and it is a weapon of attack. Mostly it is used by people living in the coastal areas or in jungles because it is easy to make and can serve as a multipurpose instrument. It is an essential part of a jungle kit as it can chop food and even wood.

Need Of Sharpening A Machete

The need of sharpening its blade is related to its use. It is used as a multipurpose tool. If it is used to get soft and fleshy substances its blades will not get blunt sooner, but, if it is used to get hard objects such as wood and agricultural material it will get blonde very soon. The life of a sharp blade is also related to its use. If it is used in routine and for greater timing then it will have to get sharp and weekly. Another factor that plays a key role in maintaining the sharpness of the tool is the quality of the blade. The grade of its sharpness will also play a role in the life of the sharpness of the blade.

Tools Required To Sharpen A Machete

The tools required to sharpen the blade are related to the sharpness you are trying to achieve. They can be sharpened by whetstones or a simple instrument like honing knife or steel rod but if someone is trying to get high precision and sharpness one has to turn to electrical machinery which sharpens the blade. It will require a power source and will also require greater investment.

Cost Value

The sharpening of blades is to save money and time at the same time. It prevents one from buying the weapon again and again. It helps in increasing the life of a tool. Both sharpening the tool at home or getting it done from any shop is more economic than buying new blades and weapons.

Availability Of Sharpener

Sharpeners of a huge variety are available both in markets and online shops. The best place is amazon to buy sharpeners where one can compare the cost and review both. There are shops which provide the facility of sharpening the blades without buying the tools.


Following are a few precautions to keep in mind.

  • Find the best suitable angle.
  • Keep it away from children’s reach.
  • Sharp it in a direction away from your body.
  • Find a calm and quite place to sharpen the blades.
  • Find a stable platform.
  • Wear protective gloves.
  • Follow the instructions carefully.
  • Watch the tutorial multiple times.

Procedure Of Sharpening A Machete

  • STEP 1
    Starting off you need to move the machete over the file in a similar direction as the file. Start by moving it from the very start point and end it at the very tip of the file.
  • STEP 2
    Once you are done one side, flip it over to the other side and do the same steps as before. Move it over the file starting from the very tip till the very end.
  • STEP 3
    The next step is about honing the edge and for that, you will need to start from the edge and move it down slightly reaching the tip.
  • STEP 4
    Lastly, polish the machete for a fine finish, and for that, you will need a buffing wheel. You can finish off your work by moving the machete perpendicularly across the wheel.

Check the position of your machete after all the sharpening process, from this you will know how much more precision you need in the sharpening and also how much more sharpening the machete needs. If the results are not satisfying, you can repeat all the above steps in the given manner starting from sharpening and reshaping, then honing and finishing at the polishing step. If you are doing this all on your own for the very first time, you might not get the desired results. Everything needs practice and you will get better and used to it after time.

Angle Of Sharpening A Machete

If you are to cut the nonwoody vegetation or grass of your lawn, the best angle to be maintained will be 20 degrees to 25 degrees. If you are looking forward to cutting woody vegetation or branches of trees, in that case, the preferable angle is 25 degrees to 35 degrees.

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