How To Sharpen A Splitting Maul?

What Is A Splitting Maul?

A splitting maul is an instrument that is used to chop or cut wood. It has a long handle and a head that is wedge-shaped. It is known by many other names also as a block splitter or chop etc.

Why Do We Need A Splitting Maul?

We need a splitting maul to cut down trees and make piles of wood. This wood is then used in building and making other things. A splitting maul makes cutting down o trees easier. A number of strokes on the trunk of the tree make it fall down and then the branches and leaves are cut off. If the trunk is too large, it is again cut into smaller pieces.

What Precautions Should Be Made?

  • Perform the procedure on a stable surface.
  • Make sure to have steady and stable hands.
  • Use gloves while sharpening.
  • Do not over do the sharpening step as you will lose a lot of metal.
  • Maintain the angle for best results.

Why Do We Need To Sharpen The Splitting Maul?

If we do not sharp a splitting maul, it would take us a lot of effort to split up wood. Also, it would not cut the would properly. They would break away due to excessive power i.e the cut on wood would not be a clean cut. Another disadvantage of the blunt edge of the splitting maul is that it would cost you a lot of time.

What Angle To Sharpen The Splitting Maul At?

The most appropriate angle for sharpening a splitting maul is 45 degrees. If you are not sure about the angle and want to have a rough evaluation of the angle, you can rub your thumb against the rough surface of the head and you will have an idea.

What Tools Are Required To Sharpen A Splitting Maul?

You will only need sanding paper or a grinder to sharpen. A wire brush may be required for polishing the splitting maul in the end.

How To Sharpen A Splitting Maul?

To sharpen a splitting maul, you may use a sanding belt. First, you need to maintain the 45 degrees angle and rub the head across the sanding belt. Make sure to make the angle correctly or you might get a blunt edge in the end. You will get a nice sharp edge in the end if you do it right. Put the sanding belt on a stable surface and place your splitting maul on it at a 45 degrees angle. Start from one tip of the pointed edge and rub all along the surface till you reach the other tip of the edge. Make sure to hold the splitting maul tightly so that you can avoid any damage to yourself. Also, make sure the sanding belt is on a stable surface and does not slip or flip while working on it.

If any of the things mumbles while working, You can get yourself hurt or you would end up with a blunt edge of the splitting maul. You can use the grinder in place of a sanding belt if you can do better with that. You may polish the ends of the splitting maul in the end for a fine edge. For polishing, you can use a wire brush to get rid of all the dust or dirt that might have appeared on the edge while cutting. Some trees secrete fluids when they get hit with a splitting maul, This fluid usually sticks to the edges of the splitting maul and may result in a not very fine edge. Hence the polishing of cleaning is an important step. You can perform this step after every use.

Is Maintenance Of The Handle Of Splitting Maul Also Required?

Yes, the maintenance of the splitting maul is also very important. You should always check for any cracks in the handle before and after use. If there are any cracks, you need to replace the handle. The approximate duration for changing the handles is of 6 months.

How To Get Rid Of The Rust?

To get rid of the dust, you will first need to get sandpaper and remove all the spots on the head. Next, you will need steel wool for cleaning the rest of the rust spots that are left. Rub it lightly against the rust spots you see. To end this, you can use oil to prevent it from further rusting. You can use a paper towel to apply the oil to the head of the splitting maul.

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