How to Sharpen Dremel Bits?

How to sharpen Dremel bits?

Before we proceed with the discussion about Dremel bit sharpening, you should know about using Dremel bits. What can Dremel bits do? Dremel bits can be used for grinding, routing, cutting, polishing, sharpening, grout removal, engraving, wood carving, sanding, cleaning, drilling, and many other tasks. 

Why should you use a Dremel instead of a drill?

The Dremel tool is very small and light compared to an electric drill, which is very helpful in various applications like etching, carving, and working with small work pieces. Dremel can also be used with non-Dremel accessories like grinding wheels and drill bits; therefore, you are not restricted.

Guidelines for Sharpening Dremel Bits with the use of Sandpaper

It is a way to have better control over how much you require to work on the bit. Some people consider that sandpaper is good for sharpening Dremel bits. These are also cheaper compared to buying sharpening stones. You can also sharpen knives; occasionally, sandpaper is a better choice. 

  • But you have to do your job nicely and slowly. You should do your job with patience.

Step # 1.


Most of the time, after using a drill or a Dremel bit, individuals don’t clean them before placing them in their original location. That is not a good habit, so always clean it after use. The bit needs to be cleaned before you sharpen it. Dust off debris with a brush or cloth that may become lodged in the grooves.

Step # 02.

Prepare the sandpaper

The Dremel bit will be sharpened in the same way as knives. Hence, the sandpaper must be secured to the workbench while holding the bit in your hand. Using superglue to stick the paper to the work surface is one good way to accomplish this. But once you’ve finished this job, pulling it off might be incredibly difficult. Instead, you can fasten it to a piece of flat scrap wood.

Step #3

Sharpen the Dremel Bit

When sharpening your Dremel bit or any other thing, you should work at an angle. Hold the bit in your hand and then move it back and forth on an abrasive area.

Start with a lower grit; this will help to clean off the dull edge. After that, you can move to the higher grits. Higher grit will be good to polish and sharpen the bit. You should flip the knife after sharpening one side of the edge. But remember that you haven’t taken off too much material because these bits are very small already.

Step#  4.

Test the sharpness

After sharpening the Dremel bits, it is a good idea to test the sharpness rather than store it. You can test it with something light, such as a scrap wood piece. Do not push it very hard through; you do not want to dull the edge immediately.

Step # 5.

Store it properly

After testing the sharpness, if you need to store it, store it properly. Proper storage is good to avoid losing them and ensure the edges do not contact something hard when you move the kit around.

  • Tips.
  1. Use a little force when sharpening your Dremel bits for better performance. So, applying more force can make your Dremel bits uneven, so you’d need to buy a new one.
  1. Use the same motions for the edges of a bit for even sharpness. You can count on the motions’ number to do your job well.

Can drills work?

This depends on how they are used. Dremels are considered effective grinding and cutting tools for small but mandatory jobs. Dremels are very safe and handy, but the precision of a Dremel can also be obtained with so many other tools, such as small knives and drills.

Some good features of the Dremel

  1. Dremels work well because they are powerful and fast.
  2. They are easy to use.
  3. You can store them easily, and they are easy to carry.
  4. They are easy to handle.
  5. They have several drills and grinding bits to select from.
  6. Dremels have so many bits to select from that they are good for cutting, grinding, drilling, polishing, finishing, cutting, and engraving.

Can Dremel run at high RPMs?

Dremels can run at high RPMs, but it depends on the model. Mostly, a Dremel spins at different speeds between 5,000 and 35,000 RPMs. Some drills will run at higher or lower RPMs. Dremels of the 8220 and 4300 series are the most powerful dremels. They can run at 35,000 RPMs on battery or cord power and utilize 12 volts. They are good for performing all the Dremel work listed above and are appropriate with other Dremel bits and extensions.

Is a Dremel tool meant to run for a long time?

The bits or the battery determine the durability of the dremels. The Dremel battery may last for 6 years with occasional use. It may last for three years if you use it.

The motor may require high power if you cut harder things, such as steel, and low power if you polish delicate stone.

The Dremel tips may last a certain time interval, depending on what they are used for and what they are cutting. Suppose that Dremel cut-off discs deteriorate fast if used to cut hard steel. But cutting plastic or wood will allow them to last for a longer time.

Cut-off discs with fiberglass reinforcement in the center of the metal part are so hard that they last longer as compared to thin abrasive discs that do not have internal reinforcement as well as being held on by a small screw running through the center.

  • The Dremel tool may run for a long time, anywhere from a few months to many decades of use. Some common problems are linked to the speed selector switch, the bushes, and the motor. 
  • Keep the receipt, so you can give it back and get a new one if there are any issues with these.

Can Dremel cut aluminum?

Aluminum alloy and aluminum can be cut with a Dremel. Dremels can cut and grind aluminum using tungsten carbide burr bits, silicone carbide grinding stones, and aluminum oxide grinding stones. Many dremels can be used for this purpose.

Can Dremel cut, grind, and polish wood?

Dremels can cut wood with the use of a cutting or grinding bit. Wood is a thing used by artists, carpenters, and hobbyists. Dremels are a good addition to their toolkits.

When do you need to purchase new Dremel Bits?

When you sharpen your Dremel bits, you may not need to do it again soon. However, there are many moments when you need to sharpen something a little, usually when it becomes useless. But if the bit’s edge is uneven, you should purchase brand-new Dremel bits.

In closing

Grinding and sharpening are arts that you may need when your things become dull. So to understand the sharpening of Dremel bits, you should follow all the above guidelines. You don’t need to throw away your dull Dremel bits if they start to perform poorly. By sharpening them, you can make them efficient once again. Give the care and maintenance of your tools if they need it, rather than throwing them away because they aren’t doing their job well.

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