How To Sharpen Vitamix Blades?

HOW To Sharpen Vitamix Blades

What Is The Usage Of Vitamix Blades?

Vitamix blades are made up of stainless steel and are used in mixers, juicers, or blenders. This is practically for the purpose of blending and making smoothies and purees.

Why Do We Need To Sharpen Vitamix Blades?

Due to their usage, the blades become dull and no longer perform their crushing movements efficiently and accurately and thus we require to sharpen the blades. This is not done quite often but over a period of time, you need to sharpen your blades for efficient working.

Things To Take Care Of Before Sharpening Vitamix Blades?

What Angle To Maintain While Sharpening The Vitamix Blades?

You need to maintain an angle of 15 degrees. Maintaining the angle is really important because if not taken care it can result in blunt edges or tilted edges, which will be useless to work with.

Process Of Sharpening Vitamix Blades?

The first and the foremost step is If your blender is powered on then remove the electricity. This is the first thing you need to do before starting because you do not want to get hurt obviously. Pull out the Vitamix blades from the glass jug carefully. This is usually done by moving the base in an anticlockwise direction and pulling it out. You will need to detach the gasket then. Clean all the leftovers on the blades. Cleaning is usually easy, You can simply use dishwasher soaps for this. Getting rid of all the debris is important because t will make the sharpening process smoother, easier and cleaner.

The next step is for starting the sharpening procedure, you will need to do your safety first and for that wear gloves. Once you are done taking all the precautionary measures. wet all the blades and set up the sharpening stone. Make sure your sharpening stone has a stable base and it won’t slip away while working with it because that can cause damage to your fingers.

Then comes the third step and we are finally going to sharpen the blades one by one. Make an angle of around 15 degrees for sharpening the blades and move its edge all along on the sharpening stone. You will need to make six strokes at a minimum, if not you will be done by the end of eight strokes at maximum.

The next step is to Change the side of the blade and start sharpening again. This has to be done under cold water for the best results. The sharpening step of the Vitamix blades requires practice. The more you do it, the more you will be good at it. Doing it slowly and steadily at the first attempt will end in better results. Lastly, clean off all the dirt and material lost with warm water. You can also use a cleaning brush as well as a soap to rinse away the dirt that might have appeared during the sharpening process. Use a towel to dry the blades and attach them back to the gasket and the glass jug. You are good to go!

How To Maintain Vitamix Container?

Clean it thoroughly after every use. Put in some warm water and add a teaspoon of a spoon. Put on the lid and power on the machine. Start it and gradually make the speed to the highest. Do this for about two minutes. and you are done. You can also use a dishwashing soap in place of salt.

Do not put in a lot of things while blending. If you have a lot of things to blend, do that in portions. The increased load on the blades can cause them to turn or even break. If there is ice, try blending it in smaller quantities. This is really going to help you because you always want to get done in one finish and that burdens the blades.

How Often Do Vitamix Blades Need Sharpening?

The more often you use your Vitamix blades, the earlier its edges will become blunt and you will need sharpening.

What Are Wet And Dry Blades?

Wet blades are usually used for making purees and smoothies while dry ones are used for the grinding movements as coffee beans and hard grains to give flour-like consistency.

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