How To Use A Lawnmower Blade Sharpener?

What Is A Lawnmower?

A lawnmower is more commonly known as grass cutting is a manmade machine that is used to cut the grass, at an even rate. The machine consists of typically a handle to hold the machine and a collection of blades that may rotate manually by human push or through the power direct electricity or batteries. Whatever the source of power is, it causes the rotation of blades which cut the grass to equal size providing a smooth and neat surface. It helps in the cutting of large areas covered with grass like that on school grounds or playgrounds.

Why Do We Need To Sharpen The Lawnmower Blades?

The grasscutter is to cut acres of grass in lawns and gardens. This makes the blades blunt, moreover, sometimes blades get blunt due to the rough texture of the greenery. Sharpening the blades will make them more efficient and enhance the speed of the cutter. It will also provide fine and precise cutting of the grass. Cutting the grass with blunt blades will damage the grass. It will increase the chances of infections of plants.

When Do You Need To Sharpen The Blades Of Grass Cutter?

The blades of the grass cuter need to be sharpened after every 2 sessions of cutting grass. But it also depends on the type of machine its blades used, and the area of grass cut in each session. Coarse grass also makes the blades blunt sooner. One has to check the fineness of the blades before cutting the grass. Rolling the blades once or twice gives the clue about the condition of the blades.

Tools Required For Sharpening

Different types of grasscutter need a variety of tools to sharpen the blade, for example, sharpening a lawnmower blade by hand needs metal files, chisels, and punches. whereas sharpening a blade by machine uses a blade sharpener, bench grinder, or angle grinder.

Procedure To Be Followed

  • Step one is preparing your lawnmower. The first thing you want to think about is your safety. Make sure to keep your engine oil and gasoline away from any open flames.
  • Step two is to measure how much oil is in the lawnmower. so, to do this just open up the oil cap wipe off the oil as are already on it, and replace it. The teeth show how much oil is in the tank so you want to have it above to the max there and then close it back up. Each lawnmower comes with specific engine oil and you have the motor oil that’s 10w30.
  •  Step three is to add gasoline, you will have to open up the gasoline cap now if you look inside you can approximately tell how much it has already got. If you have enough gasoline, close up with a gasoline cap.
  •  Step four is to make sure everything is firmly closed before turning it on.
  •  Step fifth is starting the lawnmower the first thing you want to think about is safety make sure you have proper safety boots and earplugs. The first thing you want to do is to make sure the choke is working. you will have to pull this towards yourself when the lawnmower turns on make sure to push the choke back in so you don’t waste any extra fluids.
  •  Step six is to pull the start lever towards the guide bar and firmly hold it there now pulling this will start the lawnmower it may take several thrusts to turn it on.
  •  Step seven is to make sure you remove any objects in the way after turning on the lawnmower. The lever is pulled towards the guide bar will allow the lawnmower to start moving forward when releasing it lawnmower would just stand still and not move at all.
  • Step eighth is turning off the lawnmower once you’re satisfied with the cut you can simply turn off the lawnmower by releasing the start lever if your start lever is broken and does not spring out you may need to physically pull it out until the lawnmower ceases. the lawnmower engine may still be hot so make sure not to place your hands near the lawnmower.

Tips For Beginners

Mowing is one of the most important things we do to a lawn each year in fact that’s why we have to do it every so often. It probably goes without saying if we didn’t have mowing, lawn care wouldn’t be a thing. The biggest issue a lot of you guys are having is you don’t know what to look for in a mower. With that let’s go to it to eliminate the confusion there are two things you should look for in a mower.

Number one is a deep deck and number two is the power to eliminate the confusion. From the first part of that question, buy the one with the deepest death. The reason you want the deepest deck is because when you cut the lawn, you want there to be enough room under the deck for the clippings to stay under there a little bit longer so they can get ground up into a bit smaller, that’s why on most mowers, that are mulching mowers, you’re going to see the little wings that they have on the opposite ends of the blades.

That’s what grounds up the clippings into smaller bits before they fall back down into the lawn and also to add to that when you’re looking for a mower, make sure that it is indeed a mulching mower. One of the biggest problems is that for those who buy mowers that might bag but don’t mulch and they want a mulch they’re more likely going to increase the chances of severe thatch the following year because they’re not breaking it down under smaller bits. The second part of that question is power.

Power is very important with a mower what do we look for. Back in the old days a lot of lawn care operators would tell us if you’re going to buy a regular push mower make sure you buy one that is five horsepower or great but there’s an issue with that nowadays. Lawnmower power is no longer measured in horsepower. Now it’s measured in CC. We will have to do a little bit of math now. 5.8 horsepower is equal to one hundred and Ninety.

This is enough power. It will get the job done. The reason power is the most important thing is because if you don’t have it, you are going to end up with a really bad cut. Power is the key to a clean cut. The more power you have, the faster that blade is spinning, which means it’s able to cut a lot more fluently. It takes a lot of power just for the blade to fluently spin across the lawn, so if you buy a mower that is under power you’re going to have a lot of problems with that and you’re not going to get a clean cut. It’s just going to rip the grass blades rather than cut them cleanly.

Now that we have everything we need to ensure that we’re always going to get a clean cut it’s very important that we maintain that clean-cut and the way we got to do that is by sharpening the blades. I know a lot of you guys don’t want to hear it. I know a lot of you guys don’t want to take the time and do it but we all got to do it if we don’t sharpen the blade and we just let it dull out over time, what’s going to happen is the blades eventually going to dull up and it’s going to actually start ripping the grass blades ensuring them really bad and it’s going to have kind of this brownish cast to it.

Best Lawnmower Sharpeners

Followings are the best sharpeners for lawnmower blades.

  • Oregon 88-023 Professional 1/2 HP Lawnmower Blade Grinder
  • Work Sharp Knife & Tool Sharpener
  • Smith’s 50603 Mower Blade Sharpener
  • Sharple 103N Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
  • Grizzly Lawn Gear Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener
  • All American Lawn Mower Blade Sharpener

How Much Does It Cost?

Yes, there are agencies that provide the facility of sharpening the blades of the grass cutter. It depends on the locality and area of the habitat. facilities are available in the majority of the communities. Sharpening the blades of the grasscutter is a cost-effective and friendly procedure. It largely depends on the machine which is to be sharpened and the procedure you are opting in case of removing the blood from the machine and then sending them to sharpen will cost much less It also depends on the machine and company of the grass cutter. On average, the procedure will cost less than $5 but if the blades are very bland they will need a complex and lengthy procedure which will cost more than $15.

Can Sharpening The Blades Be Done At Home

The procedure of sharpening the blades of the grasscutter needs to be done by the professional because it involves sharp knives that can cause damage to one’s hand. It has to be done with great precision keeping in mind precautions but no doubt it can be done at home under the supervision of professional and by following the rules and steps given by the procedure in the tutorials are the booklet that comes with the grass cutting machine To sharpen the blades of grasscutter at home one needs to wear gloves and use the tools as indicated in the steps prevent themselves from any harm in injury.

Can The Blades Be Sharpened Without Removing Them From The Machine?

The procedure of sharpening the blades depends on the type of machine and also the type of procedure being opted to sharpen the blades some grass cutting machines have blades that cannot be removed whereas others have blades that can be removed and attached after sharpening them the machines that have the option to remove the blades and sharpen them are much better because they provide greater ease in the procedure of sharpening the blades and help us to opt for a variety of procedures and steps to sharpen and find the plates whereas in case of the machines that cannot provide the facility of removing the blades one has to opt for the steps that can be done on the machine. For this, it will have to be sharpened by hand file and other grinding paper and tools which are easy to approach the blades of the machine.

Are There Companies That Sharpen The Blades Of Mower?

Depending on the country and locality there are agencies and companies that provide the facility of sharpening the blades of grass cutters most of the shops or the branch that are selling grass cutters also provide this facility to They have different packages for their customers which includes different ranges of costs and facilities including the sessions of blade sharpening procedure. Some agents even provide a facility of sharpening blades of grasscutter at home avoiding the hassle of transferring the grass cutting machine to the shop and then bringing it back to the homes or where it needs to be.

Benefits Of Sharpening Lawnmower Blades

It is beneficial as it saves time and money. Pests are eliminated because of their use. The grass gets stronger, and there is more even growth by the use of sharpeners. Consistent care can be provided and the lawn recovers faster.

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