How To Sharpen An Axe With A File?

How To Sharpen An Axe With A File

Sharpening Axes

If you work around blades and own plenty, you probably know the importance of maintaining them. One key thing under the umbrella of maintaining your blades is sharpening them. Sharpening your blades repeatedly might seem like a hassle, but it is very important. If you keep using your blade without sharpening it, eventually, it will give out. This can lead to additional costs and losing some of your favorite blades.

Why Sharpening Your Blades Is Important?

Sharpening your blades is very important. There is no use for a tool that is not sharp and would not do its job. A blade must be sharp enough to work properly and provide the desired function. If it is not sharp, it will cause certain problems and ruin your project or, even worse, hurt you.

Some of the reasons why you should get your blades sharpened are;

·   Safety

The top priority should be your safety. A blade that is not sharp will not cut properly. Dull blades can be more harmful and dangerous than sharp blades that work properly. This is because sharp blades do their jobs right and can cut through easily, while dull blades may not be able to do the same. This means the dull tool can slip through while cutting at any time. This can hurt one’s hand or finger. This is why it is better to work with sharp blades than dull ones.

·   Cutting Ability

Sharp blades have the best cutting ability. They can perform clean and clear cuts without any problems. On the other hand, dull blades make sloppy cuts. They leave rough edges around the edges. This has the potential to ruin your project. This can be very frustrating. So, it is better to use sharpened blades than dull blades to avoid ruining your project.

·   Longer Life

It will become dull if you do not sharpen your blade and keep using it. If used consistently without sharpening, this dull blade will be useless after a short while. You will have to throw it away as there will be no turning back. Sharpening your blade consistently, whenever needed, can help give your blade a longer life.

Keeping your blade sharpened can help protect you, avoid ruining your project and give your blade a longer life.

When To Get Your Blades Sharpened?

This can depend on your blade type, but the recommended time is one year. It would be best if you got your blades sharpened once every year. You can also check your blade; if it seems rough, you can get it sharpened. It is best to get your blades sharpened before they become dull. This will save you lots of time and money.

Sharpening an Axe

An axe is a huge blade. It is a very important tool for many projects. Keeping your axe sharpened is a must if you want it to give the service that you require. Axes are huge, and it is best to use them when it is safe. This means that your axe needs to be sharp to be safe. As axes are huge blades, it can be hard to sharpen them. This does not mean that one should not or cannot do it. You can easily sharpen your axe with a file. You can easily sharpen your axe by following simple steps and methods.

Methods For Sharpening Axe With A File

The following methods can be used to sharpen your axe with a file;

·   Push File Method

This is a very simple method. All you need to do is to push the file on the axe at the edges. Make the axe stable on a table and repeatedly push the file on the edges. When you push the file on the bits that are not as sharp, some of the metal will be removed with each push. Repeat the same process on every side until you get proper sharp edges.

·   Draw File Method

This is a bit different from the push file method. To start this, put the file on the axe edge horizontally. One hand should grab the handle, and the other hand should be on top of the file on the other side. The file should extend from the axe edge. Press the extended part on top of the cutting edge of the axe. While pressing, pull the file down along the edge of the axe. The file should be kept at a 25 or 30 degrees angle. Anything more or less might harm your axe. Keep doing this until the edge is sharp and both sides are equal.

Steps For Sharpening Axe With A File

Now that the methods are done, there are certain steps you need to follow while sharpening your axe with a file. These steps will ensure that the sharpening is successful without any harm caused to you or your beloved axe.

The following steps must be followed while sharpening your axe with a file.

·   Attach The Axe To A Table

Attaching the axe to the table will ensure stability. As you have to file over the bit repeatedly, the axe needs to be attached. If the axe is not attached, the constant motion of filing can lead to the axe falling, which is a potential threat as it can harm you. The handle needs to be attached to the table, and the axe edges need to be suspended over the table.

·   Clean Axe And File

The axe may have some dirt or material collected on it from being recently used. If not removed, this can clog the file and damage it. In the same way, the file may have some metal shaving stuck on it, which can hinder the sharpening process. So you need to clean the file as well. Once the axe and the file are clean, we can move on to the next step.

·   Wear Work Gloves

Before starting to file, put on some work gloves. As your safety is the top priority, it is very important to be dressed safely.

·   File One Side

Start by taking the file and passing it over the axe’s edge. You can pass this from left to right or right to left. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the order of the motion. If you have chosen to go with the right-to-left, you must stick with it and consistently do it in the right-to-left motion. You have to ensure that the angle matches the shape of the edge to avoid creating an uneven edge. Another very important thing is to stroke the file in the push direction. If you use the file in the pull direction, it can result in making your axe dull.

·   File Other Side

Once the first side is done, it is time for the other side. Clean the file and attach the axe to the table again. This time make sure that the other side is facing upward. Now the process of filing and sharpening is the same. Take the file and start stroking in the push direction. You must ensure that the number of strokes on both sides is equal to avoid uneven edges. The same goes for the time you spend on the two sides. If you find that one side needs more filing, file the other to the same amount to make them even.  

Once you are done with these steps, clean your axe with oil to make it as good as new. This will prevent your axe from getting damaged as well.

These are some simple steps to make your axe sharp and as good as new anytime you want! 

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