How to Sharpen NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil?

sharpen nyx jumbo eye pencil

Women love makeup as it is a form of art and also fun. Using different makeup, you can try a new look and make yourself pretty. Jumbo eye pencils by Nyx makeup are also used to make yourself charming. They are available in 16 shades. There are various features of these pencils: they are easy to use and blend so that they can be applied quickly. But people are confused about how to sharpen Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils. This article will try to find the best way to sharpen them.

How can you use Nyx jumbo eye pencils?

These pencils have various uses, such as eye primers, eyeliner, and eye shadow. You can use them for different eye makeup looks. You can get a suitable color to do these jobs.

   To get good strokes on your eyes, it is important to sharpen Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils. So it would help if you learned how you could sharpen it. Sharpening these pencils is not difficult; you must know about the method. This is about how to sharpen NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils.

What is the best way to sharpen Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils?

By the use of a Nyx jumbo pencil sharpener.
This pencil does not twist, so you need a Nyx Jumbo Pencil Sharpener with a big hole to sharpen these pencils. Turn the pencil after inserting it into the sharpener. While sharpening this pencil, do not apply more pressure.

How can you sharpen Nyx Jumbo Pencils with a sharpener?

  • Hold the Nyx Jumbo Pencil Sharpener and your pencil in the other.
  • Now, insert the Nyx Jumbo Eyeliner Pen into the hole of the sharpener.
  • Now it’s time to sharpen the pencil. Without applying too much pressure, start turning the pencil. It would help if you turned the pencil only; you don’t need to turn the sharpener. Otherwise, you could break your eye pencils.
  • When you turn the pencil, the plastic will come off. After a few seconds, the area near the eye pencil will also peel off, and the eyeliner color will also start coming out.
  • You have to keep sharpening until you can achieve a perfect eyeliner edge.
  • You can check it by trying it on your hand to mark the line.
  • This is how you can use this sharpener. You may face some difficulty while sharpening, such as the pencil being too soft, etc., so you need to be more careful when you sharpen your pencils.

What are the benefits of Nyx jumbo eye pencils?

  • They have a creamy formula that can be applied easily and blended.
  • You can sharpen it to achieve precise results.
  • It comes in 16 shades, such as neutral, brighter, smokier hues, etc.
  • You can use this pencil in three ways: eye makeup primer, eyeshadow, and eye pencil.

What are the disadvantages of the Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencils?

  • It takes a little time to blend.
  • The purple color is not as pigmented as other pencils.
  • It may be difficult for someone who has less knowledge about it.

 How can you twist Nyx professional jumbo eyeliner?

You can’t twist it up, and you need to sharpen it. You should have a sharpener that is specially made for it to sharpen your eyeliner. You can freeze the pencil before sharpening it for a few seconds to avoid smashing and smearing.

Is Nyx Professional Jumbo Eyeliner easy to apply on the waterline?

The formula of this pencil is very gentle and has decent pigment, so in this way, this eyeliner can easily be applied to your eyes, but to get a darker shade, you may need to reapply this eyeliner.

Can you use a regular sharpener to sharpen the Nyx professional jumbo eyeliner?

No, you can not use a regular sharpener. A regular sharpener has a small hole. However, to sharpen the Nyx professional eyeliner, you need a specifically designed sharpener.

Is Nyx eyeliner pencil better or liquid eyeliner?

Applying pencil eyeliner is easy to use. It is also good to apply if you have more folds and wrinkles. Some people use liquid eyeliner and other pencils because it also depends on their choice as well as on practice. In short, pencil eyeliner is good for beginners, while liquid eyeliner is good for getting darker pigment quickly.

Is Nyx professional jumbo eyeliner good for beginners?

An eyeliner pencil glides smoothly and easily, so if someone’s hands are shaking, then they need a pencil eyeliner. For beginners, an eyeliner pencil is ideal.

Does using Nyx professional eyeliner make you look more gorgeous?

If you apply eyeliner correctly, then it can change the entire look. It can make you look gorgeous and also damage your looks. So important is its application, and if you apply it better, it will define your features and bring out more beauty.

Can you NYX professional eyeliner without makeup?

Yes, it is ok to apply Nyx eyeliner pencil without makeup. But if you apply some compact powder and apply any base, it will also increase your glow and beauty.

Is it good to use eyeliner pencils every day?

No, we do not recommend you apply an eyeliner pencil daily as it has chemicals that can irritate the eyes and cause an infection in your eyes. If you can avoid harsh makeup items, it will be good for you. You need to apply eyeliner carefully, and it should not go into your eyes to disturb them.

In short

Nyx professional jumbo eyeliner pencil is good to use due to its various properties. It is easy to use and can be applied effortlessly; it also looks great if you apply it perfectly. So to sharpen this pencil, you need a special sharpener to sharpen it. You can follow the method mentioned in this blog. Thanks.

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